The Grigg Group is a full-service brokerage firm specializing in all voluntary and employer-paid benefits for companies of all sizes. Our independent insurance brokers give you the upper hand in the marketplace by offering free, comparative quotes on group health insurance from multiple insurance carriers.

The result?
You get the right coverage at the best possible rate no matter your group size or benefit goals.

What is an independent insurance broker?

As independent insurance brokers, we have access to multiple insurance companies and their policies, but we work independently on your behalf. It all starts with us listening to your needs and learning what coverage best suits you. We then use our industry experience and diversified knowledge to explore the marketplace with you in mind. In the end, we provide you with the programs and products that best support your vision. The insurance world can be a bit intimidating when it comes to options and many families and business owners make the mistake of paying for blanket coverage policies that aren’t effective in the long run. (If you were looking to get a new car for your family of five, you wouldn’t want to be forced into paying for a luxury two-seated convertible, right? The same goes for your insurance coverage!) The Grigg Group’s independent brokers ensure each and every need you have is well-covered without overpaying. Let us research the policies, assess the risks, and give you an objective analysis of the marketplace on your behalf. You just need to make the final decision!

Meet Our team.

Natalie Scott
Agency Executive Assistant

Natalie Scott is an Executive Assistant at the Grigg Group who’s driven by her passion for helping employers find the best benefits for their employees. In addition to helping the office run smoothly, Natalie assists the Grigg Group by running quotes, proposals, and renewals for small group clients.

While at UNC Charlotte, Natalie perfected her communications skills while pursuing her bachelor’s degree in liberal arts. There, she concentrated on public relations and minored in journalism and women’s studies. After graduating, Natalie launched a career in social media, digital marketing, and content curation working with multiple companies maintaining websites, managing social media accounts, and developing blogs.

In her free time, Natalie enjoys reading, cooking, and travelling as well as going to concerts and comedy shows with her fiancé. They spend much of their time tending to their blue heeler puppy, Atreyu, and their Maine coon cat Albus. Natalie also enjoys creating greeting cards and home décor for her Etsy shop.

Kelly Grigg

Kelly D. Grigg founded The Grigg Group, LLC in 1998 and has spent every day since providing employee benefits and consulting services to individuals and employer groups. 

Kelly’s southern roots play into the hospitality and personalized service she provides to her clients. Her expertise is developing group medical, dental, life, disability and voluntary insurance plans for clients of all sizes. Kelly provides each employer group with a customized benefit package from all insurance carriers and TPAs.

Prior to her work at The Grigg Group, Kelly worked as an agent at MassMutual, she isn’t just an insurance person, though. Kelly holds a B.S. in Biology from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

David Corkett
Senior Account Manager

David Corkett joined the Grigg Group in 2016 as an Office Assistant and quickly grew to his current position as the Senior Account Manager. He holds a B.S.B.A with a Concentration in Organizational Management from University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Originally from California, David spent time working in the wine and hospitality industry where he perfected his customer service skills. While it may not seem wine and insurance have much in common, David could make the argument. As the Wine Club Manager at O’Brien Estate and the Sales Brand Ambassador at Luna Vineyards, he provided white-glove service to his clients. Perhaps his best experience came from his time at Mira & Associates where he was able to be an advocate for clients and made sound recommendations based on his industry knowledge.

With his people-oriented personality and determination to succeed, David has quickly made strides with the Grigg Group. He interacts with existing and prospective clients daily, investigating claims, service issues, and much much more. Whatever David is called to do for his customers, he gives it 110%.

David Biggs
Financial Advisor

David Biggs is a registered representative. Born and raised in Lumberton, North Carolina, just 120 miles east of Charlotte, insurance has always been a big part of his life. David’s father owned an insurance business and he naturally found himself walking the same path.

In 1968, he earned his bachelor’s degree from Campbell University and shortly after received his designation as a Chartered Life Underwriter. David immediately opened his own insurance business and later merged with his fathers’ business upon his retirement. By 2018, David was looking to expand again. This time, the Grigg Group caught his eye. David was drawn to the Grigg Group’s expertise in group insurance as well as their youthful energy, use of technology, and strong ethical standards.

When he’s not focusing on his customers’ needs, David enjoys playing tennis and bicycling. He also loves traveling – including his weekend trips to North Myrtle Beach. David also enjoys spending time with his wife, children, and four grandchildren.

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